I ran three miles outside today which gave me cause for celebration. My winter of running on the treadmill had me worried I wouldn’t be ready to run a half marathon in August. One minute of treadmill running feels like a mile. It’s always shocking when I look at the monitor number–it’s never as far as it feels. I am a wimp on the treadmill, so kudos to those of you who do all your training on one. I stand in awe. 

There was a second benefit to being able to complete three miles nonstop. It gave me ample time to think and mull over the suggestions I received on my manuscript today. A week and a half ago I submitted the first ten pages of my manuscript to Precision Editing Group and have anxiously awaited their editor’s analysis. It was hard to see all the mistakes pointed out and, of course, I felt misunderstood, etc., etc. During my run I was able to gain some perspective and actually work through some solutions for the highlighted areas of concern. In the end there are only two out of the thirty-one comments  that I completely disagree with. So back to work on the remaining twenty-nine!

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  • Shandrae Hansen  May 8, 2009 at 9:56 pm


    How are your revisions coming along? It sounds like you have a lot to think about for just the first 10 pages. How far into the book have you progressed or are you just revising what you’ve already written?

    I have been too wiped out lately to write anything worthwhile. I have ideas, but by the time the kids are in bed, it’s too hard to get the ideas onto paper in a satisfactory manner.

    I did finish a baby afghan! I’m very proud of myself. It’s gorgeous–if I do say so myself! Now it’s on to other baby projects.

    Have a great day!

  • admin  May 9, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    I’ve finished the entire first draft. I’m halfway through my first rewrite. The first section I’ve revised now about five times. It still needs more work. I think it will go easier if I can get that part done satisfactorily.