Introduce letter Ll and its sound.
Practice saying words that start with Ll. (light, little, lion, lollipop, lick, like, lemon, lime)
Talk about sweet and sour tastes. Taste some sugar (sweet), taste some lemon juice (sour).
Make lemonade.


Read Can’t You Sleep Little Bear

Compare little things and big things.
Pair little (baby) animal pictures with big (mommy) animal pictures.
Letter Review:  Pair little (lowercase) letters with big (capital) letters.
Make cut out letter L. Punch holes all around and lace yarn through them.


Read Room for a Little One
Talk about the star that appeared on the night of Christ’s birth and how it gave light.
Make a star with yellow paint and glitter to put on the Christmas tree.

Introduce the letter Mm.
Practice saying words that start with the letter Mm. (mitten, map, mouse, mom, magic, magnets, money, marshmallow, etc.)
Make cutout letter M. Bite mini marshmallow’s in half and stick on. (Thanks, Jenni!)

Read Christmas story from New Testatment Stories, chapters 5 & 6.
Have preschooler retell on flannel board using cut outs.
Point out manger starts with Mm.
Set up manger. Tell preschooler everytime he does something nice, he can put a piece of hay in the manger. We want the manger to be full of hay by Christmas so it will be nice and soft for the baby Jesus.

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  • Mary Gray  December 18, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    I love the idea of putting hay in the manger when your preschooler is nice. Such a great mom. 🙂