Letter Ss

Read Verdi, talk about snakes shedding skin.
Decorate cut out letter Ss with star stickers.
Words that start with Ss: star, sticker, snake, snow, slow, sponge, string, square, sock, sponge, salad, strawberries, spinach, skin, sled
Make a salad with spinach and strawberries, seven
Make Sammy Square-glue eyes, nose, mouth, etc. on square. Compare to rectangles of last week.
*Read* Sector 7 (Caldecott Honor Book) Have preschooler make up his own story. Practice counting to seven.

Another fun read is The Three Snow Bears Could do a compare and contrast activity with Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Letter Tt 

Read Tiger Can’t Sleep
Make cut out letter T. Drive a toy tractor through an ink pad or paint, and then drive it over the letter T.
Trace triangles. Make a Tommy Triangle.
Read The Tiny Tadpole

Have preschooler put frog life cycle cards in order. (source:June Idea Book: A Creative Idea Book for the Elementary Teacher)
Read Tuesday

The Tt unit wouldn’t be complete without Thomas the Train of course. Spend some time putting together tracks for Thomas the Train.
We will also be reading all our train, tractor, and truck books this week.
Set up the toy tent and tunnel to play in.
Words that start with Tt: turtle, tail, train, truck, tractor, tadpole, tiger, tick, time, target, tangle, Tuesday, Thomas, tent, tunnel, toy, Tigger, tiny, tracks

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