I got behind posting my preschool ideas so these last few are pretty sketchy. They’re mostly a reference for me anyway for the next little cowboy.

Letter Vv

Glue velvet on cut out letter V
Make volcanoes with cup, playdough, vinegar, and baking soda. (Source: Preschool by Stormie¬†and Kate–thanks!)
Words that start with Vv: violin, violet, vinegar, velvet, volcano, vase, veterinarian, vacuum, video
Read National Geographic beginning reader about volcanoes.

Letter Ww

Paint waves on cutout letter W
Do wheelbarrow walk
Words that start with Ww: water waves, walk, wheelbarrow, wiggle, worms, washcloth, watermelon, wide, window, wood, white, wagon

Letter Xx

Glue X’s on cut out letter X.
Words with Xx: x-ray, xylophone, exit, fox
Talk about sound Xx makes in each of those words.
Play the xylophone.
Read Fox in Socks

Letter Yy

Glue yellow yarn on cut out letter Y.
Words that start with Yy: Yo-yo, yarn, yellow, yell, yak, yummy, you, yogurt
Make yogurt

Letter Zz

Do a rubbing of a zipper on a cut out letter Z.
Watch Jack Hanna baby animals movie. Point out the different zoos.
Words that start with Zz: zebra, zoo, zipper, zucchini
Make zucchini bread.


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