saddling1Grandpa saddles Sundance.mountingMy Cowgirl settles into the saddle.zaakonhorseNate and my littlest Cowboy saddle up.headinoutNate and his mom herd the cows.Brother in-law Idaho arrived at the spring pasture with his two boys at 6:30 AM. They had all the cattle gathered into the corral when everyone else arrived. Thanks Idaho and boys!aoncanyonMy Cowgirl and her Dad traded horses. Now she and Canyon are keeping the cows moving.chesterroadLeaving the spring pasture behind.mangardeningThis man was out tending his garden. Little did he know what was approaching his open gate.grandpainstructionsGrandpa gives the my Cowboys and Cowgirl instructions to keep the cows out of the man’s yard.zwithg4wMy baby Cowboy’s favorite part of all: riding the four wheeler with Grandpa.

mdhothMy parents were visiting, so we put them to work.
bicyclistsSome bicyclists stopped to watch the show.nephewMy nephew was here for the weekend and we put him to work, too. Run, run, hurry! You gotta block the fence opening before the cows get there!

cowncalfcowsCrossing the street.mergingMerging/taking over the highway.trafficThere was quite a bit of traffic that actually helped keep the cows moving on one side of the road.motorcyclesAnd then I heard this before I saw it. I have no idea how many there were but they went on and on and on.hogwaveI think we were as much of an oddity to them as they were to us.restAll the traffic gave the younger help some rest time.arrivalThe summer pasture is within sight.flysprayInto the corrals to be sprayed with fly spray.

gnkeatGrandma and my Cowboy Nephew who helped round up the cows early that morning watch.
releaseFinally, they are released into the summer pasture for three months. Then we’ll repeat this adventure in reverse.


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  • Jennifer  June 12, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Wow! This is a great account, with wonderful photos. I love the one of the looming mountains in the background. The biker waving to the cows is priceless.

    How did it turn out that all the photos are the same width, even with different dimensions? So slick.

  • Kate  June 12, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Remember my magic word for all things technical?–Nate, of course. He told me what to type in my settings when I imported the photos.

  • kate  June 14, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Heidi, that is absolutely amazing. Thanks