Letter Pp

Read If You Give a Pig a Pancake Big Book

Have preschooler help make pancakes for breakfast this week.
Have preschooler set plates on the table for breakfast this week.
Have preschooler help make pizza for dinner on Monday.
Make peanut butter playdough (1 cup each of peanut butter, honey, oatmeal and powdered milk)
Source: Preschool by Stormie
Have preschooler use playdough (instead of illustrating) to make a circle story on a paper plate.
Make cut out letter P. Color pink or purple and glue on popcorn. Source: Preschool by Stormie
Also make 4 seasons pictures with the popcorn. Fold 81/2″ x 11″ paper in fourths. Draw a tree in each quarter. Write spring, summer, fall, or winter at top of each square. Use popcorn to decorate the picture for what each season looks like. Color the popcorn using one of these methods:
food coloring
Talk about the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, name and find pictures of other prophets
Put together puzzles.
Words that start with Pp: pineapple, pizza, pancakes, prophet, pink, purple, popcorn, peanuts, playdoh, pig, prince, plant, power, paper, plate, picture, puzzle, pajamas

Letter Qq

Read about Queen Esther. (Friend, July 2011) Can use this picture or these cut outs to help tell story. Talk about courage means doing the right thing even when it’s scary.
Read The Story Quilt (Friend, January 1999)
Go through the house with preschooler and tell him stories about how and why some of our family quilts were made.
Make cut out letter Q and do rubbings of quarters on it.
Talk about quarter = 25 cents.
Words that start with Qq: queen, quarter, quiver, quilt, quiet

Also, practice writing name for signing Valentines next week. Practice counting to 20.